Getting started with BankID OIDC

For getting started with integrating BankID we recommend that you use one of our partners.

BankID has a number of associated partners that are ready to guide you through the OIDC implementation process. There are a number of benefits of going forward using a BankID partner.

  • Our partners are experts on digitizing businesses. They have extensive competence about OIDC, as well as knowledge about specific industry solutions.
  • The selected partner will offer you support and guidance, in the implementation process but also as long as you run the OIDC services.
  • A partner tailors the implementation process for your needs. They may do everything for you, or adjust the process to assist in your preferred way.
  • Partners may offer more extensive and quicker support.
  • Partners may bundle OIDC services from BankID with other services that may be relevant to your use case, such as payment and check-out solutions, as well as alternative authentication solutions and ID services (such as Swedish BankID and NemID).

If a partner approach is selected, the partner of your choosing will guide you through every step of the OIDC implementation process - specifying needs, integration, test and going live. Your partner of choice will also handle everything related to management of your OIDC service, including support and invoicing (partners may operate with their own prices - contact a partner to get an offer).

To move forward with this approach, select a partner and contact them directly, or alternatively contact our sales team at for guidance on which partner we recommend for your case.

I want to integrate directly without a partner

You can integrated directly with BankID, but there will be less support available in those cases.

  1. Look at our documentation for BankID OIDC
  2. Go through our getting started guide
  3. Test without agreement
  4. Before launch you need an agreement on use with BankID - contact us and we will help you out

BankID documentation


The OpenID Connect Provider from BankID consists of an industry-standard interface to various identity-related services.


Other providers of BankID services


BankID AML provides data that enable merchants to fulfil requirements related to KYC (Know Your Customer) and/or AML (Anti-Money Laundering).


Service and support portal for partners

As a partner you can sign in to our portal.